Mister LNT: An advocacy for responsible mountaineering through the Leave No Trace principles
An advocacy for responsible mountaineering
in the Philippines through the Leave No Trace* principles

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How to Remove Limatik Without Hurting It


1. If a limatik has already bitten you (meaning it has already attached itself to your skin and started sucking your blood): Simply hover or gently press rock salt (wrapped in gauze or cloth) over it. The limatik should detach itself unharmed in 10 seconds or less. Do not kill it.

2. If a limatik has not bitten yet (meaning it is still mobile and has not attached itself to your skin/clothing yet): Scrape it off using a thin, sturdy material, such as MRT card, ATM card, ID card, spoon/fork handle, a dry/fallen leaf/twig, and the like. Or pick it up with your fingers. Do not kill it.


Photo credit: http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/13029291 









LNT Principle #1:
Plan ahead and prepare


  • Make sure all climbers are mentally and physically prepared
  • Have an itinerary, a contact person and a list of all climbers with their contacts in case of emergency 
  • Secure a guide if unfamiliar with or first time in the area
  • Let people at home know where you are going
  • Make it a habit to register with the barangay for monitoring


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