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An advocacy for responsible mountaineering
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Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal


Climb completed on May 17-18, 2014
Itinerary updated on May 22, 2014




Mt. Tukduan Banoi at 1230 meters MASL and Mt. Irid at 1,469 meters MASL form a part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in the Philippines. With Mt. Tukduan Banoi standing solemnly on the west and Mt. Irid standing proudly on the east, they practically face and are adjacent to each other, making them an ideal destination for a twin-summit hiking adventure.

At Mt. Tukduan Banoi summit looking at Mt. Irid (in the background). Photo credit: Paul Vargas, Mang Delfin

Geographically a part of Tanay, Rizal, Mt. Tukduan Banoi provides hikers with the ultimate challenge marked by steep and sun-exposed trail at the onset of the trek. The entry to the tree-covered forest trail provides a welcome respite since sun exposure is substantially diminished. But, deep into the forest, the trail becomes even steeper as it winds up a dry river bed accentuated by huge stones and rocks. Cool breeze would occasionally zip through, providing wary climbers with refreshing air that would surely put a smile on their faces.

The assault to Mt. Irid, which straddles the boundaries of Tanay, Rizal, General Nakar, Quezon and the province of Bulacan, is more lengthy compared to Mt. Tukduan Banoi. But it can be considered a nice, pleasant hiking adventure on account that dense forest covers almost 90% of the trail. Huge, pointed and dangerously positioned rock formations punctuate the trail mid-way up. At the summit, which has no clearing and no camp site, climbers would be rewarded with a breath-taking view of Sierra Madre atop huge, pointed rocks that also serve as viewing decks. Extreme precaution must be observed while scaling and taking pictures on top of these rocks.

Water sources are available at the camp sites, either at sitio Kinabuan or Sadlak.

Both mountains are beautiful and pristine, highlighted by narrow trails and garbage-free summits. All mountaineers and visitors are encouraged to do their share in maintaining and preserving such treasure by following the Leave No Trace principles.


1. Climbing experience within the last 2 months, or
2. 10km continuous run (on your own, honesty system)


1. Climbing permit from Tanay municipality arranged/secured by local coordinator one (1) week prior to climb
2. Photocopy of valid ID submitted and collected during the pre-climb
3. List of climbers prepared by the team leader


1. Local coordinator (Bgy. Sta. Ines): Pedrito (Mang Pitoy) Campos 0919 3265454
2. Contact person (Manila): ____________

E. TEAM COMPOSIION (Team name: _____________)

**The team leadership may be merged with or spread to any group, provided the TL belongs to Group 1, ATL/Sweeper belongs to the last group, and they cannot take on any group-level position.

Group 1

Group 2


Day 1
03:00 am Assembly at Ali Mall Cubao P. Tuazon entrance, check attendance/assignments, board hired jeep (ideally Cubao-Cogeo jeep arranged ahead of time)
03:30 am ETD Cubao
04:00 am ETA Petron Cogeo Gate 2, meet coordinator, board rented jeep
What to expect: 2-way paved road that gradually narrows and transforms into a rough, gravel-covered road punctuated by numerous river/creek crossings which can only be navigated by huge-wheel vehicles
06:00 am ETA Sta. Ines (jump off), register at barangay and detachment, breakfast
What to expect: community with many houses, bgy hall, covered multi-purpose hall/basketball court, bakery/eatery (Berwie's Bakery infront of bgy hall)
07:15 am Commence trek to sitio Kinabuan/falls
What to expect: flat, unpaved, rough road with 9 river crossings
08:15 an 5th river crossing
09:15 am Bulay
09:30 am ETA sitio Kinabuan chapel (camp site), prepare assault pack with packed lunch, leave big packs and 1 guide to guard them
What to expect: communiy with few houses, wooden chapel, military shack, water source, toilet with half-wall (yes, dito kayo pupupo), falls
10:00 am Commence trek to Mt. Tukduan Banoi summit
What to expect: 2 river crossings, sudden steep trail, exposed trail at the onset
10:30 am Rest stop
11:00 am Lunch at the clearing just before entry to forest
12:00 nn Resume trek, enter forest
What to expect: forest-covered but steep trail, dry river bed with big stones
02:15 pm ETA Mt. Tukduan Banoi summit, photo opp
What to expect: Awesome view of Mt. Irid and Sierra Madre on the east, no camp site (clearing is about 15-20 sq. m., uneven)
02:45 pm Commence descent
03:30 pm Rest
04:15 pm ETA clearing just after the forest exit, rest
04:30 pm Resume descent
05:00 pm ETA Kinabuan chapel (camp site), swim
05:30 pm Pitch tent, prepare dinner
06:30 pm Dinner together, clean up
07:30 pm Socials
10:00 pm Lights out

Day 2
04:00 am Prepare breakfast and packed lunch, eat breakfast, break camp, prepare assault pack with packed lunch
06:30 am Commence trek to Mt. Irid summit
What to expect: 2 river crossings, pleasant trail with gradual slope
07:00 am Pass by Sadlak camp site option 1 (house of Mayet)
07:15 am House of Nanay Camacho
What to expect: water source
07:45 am Pass by Sadlak camp site option 2
09:45 am ETA viewing deck (also known as grotto sans a grotto)
10:15 am Bato (huge rock)
What to expect: huge pointed rock formations, narrow trail
11:15 am ETA Mt. Irid summit, photo opp, lunch
What to expect: Breath-taking view of Sierra Madre, huge pointed rocks, no camp site
12:45 pm Commence descent
01:45 pm Bato (huge rock)
02:15 pm Viewing deck (also known as grotto sans a grotto)
03:15 pm House of Nanay Camacho
04:00 pm ETA sitio Kinabuan chapel (camp site), rest, get packs and 1 guide
04:30 pm Commence trek back to Sta. Ines
06:15 pm ETA Sta. Ines (jump off), wash up, snacks, decide where to post-climb, board rented jeep
07:15 pm ETD Sta. Ines for Petron Cogeo Gate 2
09:00 pm ETA Petron Cogeo Gate 2


Day 1
Breakfast, packed (must be in reusable container)
Lunch, packed (must be in reusable container)
Dinner, cooked at camp site
Day 2
Breakfast, cooked at camp site
Lunch, cooked at camp site


Photocopy of valid ID submitted/collected during the pre-climb
Full pack with water-proofing and 2-day essentials
Assault pack or hydration pack for assault
Water (since there is water at camp site for cooking, amount depends on personal consumption, but must bring emergency water in case and for some reason the water is unusable)
Packed meals
     Day 1 breakfast (must be in reusable container)
     Day 1 lunch (must be in reusable container)
Trekking sandals/slippers
Trekking pole
Headlamp with batteries + spare batteries
Umbrella/raincoat, wind-breaker/jacket, hat
Arm sleeves
Swim wear
Trash bag (make it a habit to pick trash)
First aid kit and personal medicine
Other essential items per BMC


1. Climbing permit from Tanay municipality arranged/secured by local coordinator one (1) week prior to climb
2. List of climbers prepared by the team leader
3. Group equipment as discussed per group during the pre-climb


1. Ideally 3 or 4 days before the climb
2. All climbers must have read the itinerary before the pre-climb
3. All climbers must bring photocopy of valid ID
4. No drinking during pre-climb
5. Do not bring this attitude: "We/I have been doing it many times at alam ko na 'yan. Madali na 'yan." In most cases and based on observation, assignments tends to be forgotten due to over-confidence (yabang).
6. Do not rush group-level pre-climb




1. Arrange for transpo between Cubao and Petron Cogeo Gate 2 to avoid delay. Cubao-Cogeo jeeps would be ideal. Pick up must be along P. Tuazon because PUJs are not allowed inside Araneta Center at night till 5am.
2. Those near Petron Cogeo Gate 2 need not go to Cubao and may proceed there directly, but must advise the team leader.
3. Prepare for 11 river crossings (wear sandals/slippers to avoid getting trekking shoes wet)
4. Beware of leeches (limatik). Bring an old ATm or ID card to scrape them off if not yet attached, or hover rock salt if already attached.
5. Beware of lipa (wear long sleeves for protection)
6. Water source is available at at the camp sites
7. Do training runs before the climb
8. If for some reasons, the climber is unable to join, effort must be exerted to bring the assigned group equipment/food to the assembly area.

M. COST ESTIMATES (As of May 18, 2014)

Jeep from Cubao to Petro Cogeo Gate 2: 25.00
Jeep (rented, round trip from Petron Cogeo Gate 2 to Sta. Ines): 8000/xx =
Guide (2 @ 500/day): 2000/xx =
Registration: 20.00
Jeep from Petron Cogeo Gate 2 to Cubao: 25.00
Total for each member: xxx.00
Safe max budget: xxx.00 excl food