Mister LNT: An advocacy for responsible mountaineering through the Leave No Trace principles
An advocacy for responsible mountaineering
in the Philippines through the Leave No Trace* principles

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Free Lecture on Leave No Trace (in 2 ways)


Leave No Trace lectures are recommended to mountaineers, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, outdoor groups, tour operators, etc. They are a must in BMC/pre-climb/pre-dep and the like.


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1. Self-organized session


  • Organize your group and/or participants
  • Choose your venue and schedule
  • Contact and invite Mister LNT to conduct the free lecture (weekends only) 


2. Mister LNT-initiated session


  • Attend LNT lectures initiated by Mister LNT: An advocacy for responsible mountaineering
  • These free lectures could be:
    • Outdoors - Done during a climb and outdoor activities. Conducted at jump off, barangay hall/registration desk, rest stop, summit and/or public park, sessions in an outdoor setting are abbreviated and fast-paced, with a maximum of 10 minutes in most cases. 

    • Indoors/in-room - Conducted in a classroom setting with video presentation, full activities and kulitan portion. Limited number of participants are accepted in each session for optimal learning and absorption. Below are two (2) completed sessions.


LNT Principle #6
Respect wildlife


  • Do not carve your names or your group's name on tree trunk
  • Do not pick flower and do not feed/capture animals
  • Avoid cutting tree branches along the trail


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